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Netfloor Component Parts

Base Connector

Base Connectors are an important element of the Netfloor design. They lock the 50mm or 60mm height Unipanels in place and provide equal spacing for the cable raceways.

Flank Plates

Flank Plates are made from 3mm thick steel.

They provide a strong cover to the cable raceways that are a feature of the system.

Acoustic Blanket

This is laid directly to the subfloor unless there is a suitable, bonded floorcovering in existence. It prevents unwanted noise transmission between the floor and the Netfloor Unipanel


Unipanels are available 50mm or 60mm deep.

Each panel is laid with a 100mm gap to its neighbour which gives the cable raceway.

It's made from high strength polypropylene.

Centre Plates

Centre plates are used at all corners to lock each Netfloor UniPanel firmly into position.

They are made from 3mm thick steel.


Steel Influx Panels (S/M/L)

Influx panels are used in areas where there is a high number of data cables.

The usual 100mm wide cable raceways are tripled  to measure 300mm wide.

Aluminium Edge Rail

Made of 1mm gauge aluminium.

Free-standing Aluminium Edge Rail used for perimeter finishing, where required.



We offer a selection of aluminium or rubber ramps in 50mm or 60mm heights to complement to floor system.

Or ramps can be formed on site using timber.

Carpet Tiles

Once the system has been laid and cabled, carpet tiles are used to complete the installation. We also offer our 'FloatBond' tiles for an adhesive-free installation.

Tap-Off Lead and Plug

The plugs are compatible with the 63 Amp power busbar, and this helps create our ‘plug and play’ system. Read more..

63Amp Powertrack Busbar

Our busbars are the method by which we provide power distribution within the 60mm void of the Netfloor system. Read more..

Influx Panels S/M/L

These panels are used where a 100mm-wide cable raceway is not sufficient and is where there is a high density of cables. Read more..

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